The "Love, Brad" CD

"Love, Brad" began with a collection of 11 love songs.
In a one-in-a-million story in music, radio stations in the South promoted "the Bradish Invasion" over the air as singer and songwriter Brad Alan emerged on the music scene.
After an "airplay radio war" broke out in the South in the year 2000, which continued into 2001 with rounds of radio war airplay from time to time, the progressive, digital-age decision was made to extend "Love, Brad" as an open-ended commercial domain of love songs from its original collection of 11 to a collection of 22 songs.
The first 11 "Love, Brad" love songs were made available for sale to the public on cassette and were made available to radio stations for play on CDs that were not sold to the public. In 2001 new radio masters of the first 11 "Love, Brad" love songs were combined with the 11 additional "Love, Brad" love songs on CDs that were made available for both radio airplay and for sale to the public.
This CD contains all 22 songs in both 11-song volumes I and II of the "Love, Brad" collection of love songs.

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